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Being a mother is the greatest duty in the world that every woman do it so selflessly, without any demands and complaints. Whether it was your birthday or your first day at college or the first day at a new class, like a pillar she stood with you, giving you every reason to feel secure and at the same time enough space to spread your wings. She is your best friend, your in-house mentor and the guide who is always there for you. You have seen her toiling the entire day in her office and pursuing the household chores without a frown. And with all those, she has at the same time surprised you with parties, presents and dishes. That is the love of a mother. While you can never repay the things that your mother has done for you but you can definitely try to reciprocate the same amount of love she has showered upon you on Mother’s Day. You can make her feel special by expressing your love for her with a meaningful gift on Mother’s Day. So, this Mother’s Day it is your chance to surprise her with FlowerAura’s exclusive range of Mother’s Day gifts. We have a wide range of amazing and creative Mother’s Day gifts that will help you convey your heartfelt emotions to your mother. So, if you are looking for a gift for your mother to surprise her on Mother’s Day then, just visit our website, and check our Mother’s Day gifts collection that will leave you mesmerized. So tell us, what type of gift do you want? We have every type of amazing Mother’s Day gifts that your mom will surely love. From Mother’s Day cards to Mother’s Day Customized Mugs, we have it all for you. It is a probability that you might get busy with your assignments or some other work. But, don’t you forget this even for once, that her entire life is centered on you. She deserves this and more than this. Show how much you love her, care for her with our happy Mother’s Day gift ideas. It will bring a smile on her face and happiness in her heart. If your mom loves flowers, then, get the best Mother’s Day flowers from us and get it delivered to your doorstep. With the plethora of best Mother’s Day gifts available with us at Floweraura, you are simply required to click on the website and that’s it. The transaction and delivery are a hassle-free process. You are just a click away from making your mum feel special. Do not waste a second more, she has never for you! Buy Mother’s Day gifts online from FlowerAura.

Honoring our motherhood needs no specific day. Her beauty, her hard work, and her efforts make our lives easier and her smile makes us celebrate her every day. However, she is celebrated graciously every year on the second Sunday of May. The date varies from country to country. However, in India, Mother's day will be celebrated on 12th May 2019 next year. While the dates vary, celebrations remain the same throughout the world where she is presented with flowers, cakes, and other precious gifts.

Celebrating motherhood and honoring mothers date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who held festivals in order to celebrate the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele but the modern roots of the Mother's Day celebrations find its way back to 1858 when Ann Jarvis organized "Mother's Work Days" to improve the sanitation of the on-going degradation of the environment.This activism was later memorialized by her daughter Anna who decided to began a campaign that culminated in 1914 when Congress passed the Mother's day resolution.

Let Your Mom Cherish This Day! People always praise you for what you are. It may be the dish you make or the position you have acquired in your workplace. It may be your dance moves or the near perfect family life you are living. It may be your spirit to go on or the strength which has been the thrust in your life. All these, in fact, your entire personality is the reflection of your mum. Whenever you are in some trouble the first family person you are reminded of is none other than your mother. And again, it is she with whom you want to share the best news of your life primarily. Whether a son or a daughter, a mother loves her every child equally. Thus, your mom deserves a gift from both. If you are a son then, make your mom feel love and valued this Mother’s Day. Give her the respect and love she deserves. Honor her with the best Mother’s Day gift from us. However, if you find it difficult to find a perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom then, visit our website where you can find an amazing range of Mother’s Day gift ideas from son.

Even if you are a teenager reading this or an adult there are valuable lessons and lifetime experience related to your mother. So, this Mother’s Day, Make your mom feel special with our range of Mother’s Day gift baskets that she will definitely adore. Your mother has not left a single stone unturned, making your every day, every hour and every minute worth joyous living, it is for you to pursue the same for her. The best gift for mom can be easily procured from our Floweraura website. Whether you want flowers, cards, chocolates, Mother’s Day gift hampers, sweets etc, you can get every type of Mother’s Day gifts at FlowerAura. The Best part of choosing our website for ordering gifts for your mom on Mother’s day is that we offer same day delivery of gifts in India, With our feasible transaction and delivery option, you will be able to surprise her with ease. Also, the Mother’s Day celebration could not be complete without a cake. Right? So, how about ordering a Mother’s day cake for her from FlowerAura? So, this day whether you want to, wish her at the stroke of 12 with cake or at the daybreak with morning tea and spa package, we are there with you!

Floweraura - a one-stop destination for all range of Mothers Day gifts, flowers, cakes and more! Isn't this all on your mind for fabulous gifts for mother on upcoming mother's day? Well, if you want it all, FlowerAura has it all. An exciting range of scintillating mothers day hampers comprising of fresh and fragrant Mother’s Day flowers, scrumptious Mothers day special cakes, luscious chocolates and gorgeous gift items, neatly displayed on the website for you to choose from. When you are determined to craft some exceptional moments for your mum on Mother's Day, In fact, we also have a beautiful range of personalized Mother’s Day gifts that will just help you win your mother’s heart. For instance, we have photo cakes, photo frames, customized cushions, customized cups etc.

Floweraura is here to help you and offer everything at your doorstep. Right from a steaming cup of morning coffee, to a delectable lunch with her preferred cake, to a surprise wrap up of blooming flowers lovingly packed with her favorite spa collection, we have it all, just at your fingertips. If you live in a different country away from your mother and couldn’t manage to see your mom on Mother’s Day then, the best thing you can do is to send Mother’s Day gifts to India. This way you can surprise your mom on Mother’s Day and make her feel special. In fact, you can avail our midnight delivery if you want to surprise your mom with a Mother’s Day gift from us at 12 a.m. You can simply place your order online for a gift from the comfort of your home and leave the rest to our delivery team. If you are running out of ideas then, visit our website that offers Mother’s Day gift ideas from daughter that include our beautiful range of gifts like cards, mugs, flowers, cakes, women essentials, statement necklaces etc.

With an effective and widespread delivery network in 200+ cities across the nation, we can reach you anytime, anywhere. Same day delivery or midnight delivery for a special Mothers Day Hamper, to surprise your darling mum, will be an absolute delight for you, we know that, and we can make it happen for you. You do not have to worry about the payment options too. The easy to access and secure payment gateways will ensure smooth hassle-free payments and processing of your order.Just give a look at our enchanting range of Mother’s Day gift hampers and gifts for mother will bind your heart. The amazing combinations such as "Sweet Gesture for Mom", "Mom's Fresh Kitchen Garden" and "Home To Mom" will win your heart and define an affectionately majestic day for you and your mother. It's a day like none other, take it as a marvelous opportunity and make it special for her.

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